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Deck and Porch

In the North East deck must be built on solid foundation with sound framings and safe railings.

"We work with you in mind to design your deck with as many high end features and installation materials as possible, within your budget."

New materials are becoming more popular, such as composite planks for decks made of wood and plastic that is extruded with a reversible finish: combed finish on one side and an embossed woodgrain finish on the other. Basically, tougher plastics, to withstand more use and abuse traffic, built-in resistance to staining, fading and mold & mildew.

Other growing popular choices for railings and columns include PVC finishes which Lower maintenance, and are rot-proof and water-proof.

Check our deck and porch gallery with some completed decks and porches:


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This existing and original porch was completely removed, and a new porch rebuit entirely after being approved by the local inspector. Here are the steps:
Handicap ramps can be challenging projects since they must comply with astringent code guidelines.
Watch a video of a finished ramp below:
The porch in the video below required extensive overhaul: replacement of ten windows,re-framing fixes, insulation added to both ceiling and exterior walls, drywall, moldings, installation of exterior door with storm, siding replacement (some portions), recessed lights and baseboard heaters installed to make this porch part of the house, into a four season porch.Watch the unfolding transformation:
Old decks were poorly attached to the house, as a matter of fact, many accidents happened as a result of a deck collapse. The ledged board, (this is the board that anchors the deck to the house) should be bolted to the house's main frame to ensure people's safety.