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Installing a new floor dramatically changes the character of any space. Whether tile floor, vinyl flooring, floating wood floor, also known as "inter-locking", or composite wood (such as engineered wood), nailed down wooden floors or glued; we will install the floor of your preference within your budget.


The most common types of flooring available by material and floor system are :







Linoleum sheets


engineered wood

Linoleum squares


cork planks

some laminates








Tile is suited for virtually any surface, as far as the substract remains flat and rigid even for areas with high humidity such a concrete floor basement, where linoleum, laminates and carpet shouldn't be installed. cork flooring is a great substitute for carpet in places with the cushioning comfort and warmth is preferred. It is time for you to get rid of that worn and unsanitary carpet and have cork instead.

No matter if you plan to renew your bathroom floor, kitchen, dining room, or any room in the house, Castle Care will install your selected floor. With the variety of flooring brands available, it is easy to get the look you want at a price you can afford, we will take care of the rest.

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Glue less cork floors are great for bedrooms adding comfort and great looks. View one of our installations in the clip below:
We will never advice to place carpet, vinyl or laminate in a basement with an existint sump pump. The only suited flooring material is tile and preferably porcelain because its durability and low breakability.
Terracotta is a stylish and rustic looking tile. The tile surface presents some blemishes which along with the reddish color provide a distinctive character to this floor tile. Watch below a video of a Terracotta floor tile installed in a library room.