CT Home Renovation




This gallery contains pictures and videos of either finished projects or "in-progress" of completion, namely, showing the work beind done during the project.

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The entire collection is original, dated and real: Nothing has been digitally altered, plagiarized or stolen from anybody.

There are hundreds of pictures under the bathroom, basement, door & window, flooring, masonry, deck & porch and miscellaneous sections on this webpage. Castle Care, LLC reserves the right over any posted graphic material and related written information.

Below there are a selection of videos showing exterior or interior projects by subject:

  Bathroom Remodeling  Rebuilt Porch


Bathroom remodeling  Attic Insulation 


Handicap ramp  Cork floor


  Security Door

Library Floor



This visual work collection represents, only a small selection of projects performed by Castle Care over the years. None of the photos has been staged but rather, they reflect the progress of a given project or the final completion of contracted work.



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We will provide recommendation letters and other credentials upon request

If you have any questions about the process, steps and procedures taken on these renovations do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide more details.

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