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We spend enough time in the bathroom to appreciate its central role in our overall health and higiene. Maintaining proper functionality is not the only element to consider in any renovation but also the overall appeal, design and originality.


          Bathroom Sign             "A bathroom renovation increases

 home value.

 If you are planning to sell your home

renovate your bathroom first".



If you plan to stay in your home, for a long time, make bathroom renovations that will suit and improve your family's lifestyle. We can craft a space where you will begin and end your day with life's worries washed away! Watch the bathroom below completely remodeled step by step:

Add value to your home by redoing your bathroom. Items like replacing old cabinets (bathroom vanity),  upgrading bathroom tile or replacing it from vinyl floor, putting a new shower door, or adding marble or granite countertops can do just that. Remodeling an outdated bathroom can also be a worthwhile investment. En suite bathrooms as well as walk-in closets in master bedrooms are key selling points which could increase the value of your home.


Upscale your current bathroom with extras, Whatever your taste, you can equip your bathroom with indulgent fixtures, such as a claw-foot bathtub, a beautiful porcelain sink, stand-alone pedestal sink or in your bathroom vanity, heated bathroom floor tiles and a new fan/light unit to mention just a few.


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Watch a Bathroom VIDEO so you can experience first hand the many possibilities of your next bathroom remodel (signal might be slow to download, be patient):


Adding a bathroom in the basement is possible even if your home main drain pipes are above the ground level. Wath another video on how to accomplish that by using up-flush pump systems. The bathroom below was enlarged by moving a dividing wall and re-doing its entire lay-out. This is how is came about:
Bathroom renovations rank with kitchen remodeling as one of America's most popular major home improvements. While a simple spruce-up involving a new vanity top, light fixture and accessories can be done for well under $1000, many people are choosing to yank everything out and starting from scratch again. A completely new overhaul can exceed 10K.

Did you know that the investment return on the average bathroom remodel is 80 to 90 percent? therefore, remodeling your bathroom is almost free? Well, not exactly, but with such a great return, it makes perfect sense to remodel your outdated bathroom into the chamber of your dreams.

Got problems that go beyond repair and refinish? you will need to go all the way and rebuild the bathroom tile. Alternatively and with a bit less hassle, we can install a pre-fabricated acrylic or fiberglass shower commonly known as surround. Prefab shower need no on-site building, because they have been fabricated in the factory, though make sure that you do not buy any unit too big to fit through your bathroom dimensions.

Without a doubt, small bathrooms are easier to renovate than large ones, that should be pretty obvious. But what many homeowners ignore is that they are not proportionally easier to renovate. Small baths still have the same basic services as large baths (unless we are dealing with a powder room or guest bathroom), but just on a different scale.
We offer complete evaluation of your next bathroom renovation project and asses the physical lay out, material labor related costs. Our initial estimate will be thourough and encompasing: The goal is to make your life easier with your next bathroom remodeling. Have some bathroom ideas of your own? then, contact us and we will be pleased to help.
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